Beekeeping is one of the oldest agricultural practices know to mankind with the first records of honey, and honey harvesting dating back as early as the Stone Age. Since then, beekeeping has undergone massive changes, but only one thing has remained the same, honey. As man in time found out the benefits of honey on human health, so in time, the production of honey increased. In order to boost production, beekeepers started keeping statistics on their apiaries, hives, inspections as well as hive treatments for various diseases and all this with the aim to keep all the necessary information in one place. They would record all the said info in one book, and this way of record keeping is still in use.

However, such an outdated way of keeping statistics takes up a lot of a beekeeper’s time, papers can get lost, it is hard to look for information in the papers, and even pen can fade out or get erased.

This is why we created BeeCloud , a web application, which with the help of one click helps you find everything that interests you, suggests new ideas and so much more.